Touring the Organic Box…

July 17th, 2014

I had the pleasure of touring the Organic Box depot last week with CTV’s Kim Wynn (@KimWynnCTV) and loved every fresh minute.

If you’d like to see our segment, click here.


I’ve been ordering from the Organic Box for a while now and I’m happy to say it’s been a great service. Not only do they offer home delivery, but I get to personalize the box contents, weekly. My favourite part is there is always a surprise, or unique item. This gets the foodie in me excited and amps up my creative cooking skills.

This week there was an abundance of shoots and garlic scapes from Sunrise Gardens in Onoway, AB. I just love knowing the face and personal story of the producers who nurture and grow the food I’m eating. Dawn and Kate from Sunrise Gardens grow some amazing shoots – kale, pea, radish etc. All delicious and front and center on this weeks menu.

Special thanks to Abbie, Manager at the Organic Box, for allowing me to spend a little time at their amazing facility and especially to tour the walk-in refrigerator! It’s kinda like Dietitian heaven. Loved it. Also, to my dear friend Marie MacLellan, artist, entrepreneur and friend extraordinary, who helped me set up our CTV display with a little extra flare. Love you!

For more information on the Organic box, click here.


P.S. The crew were packing to the vibes of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” among other classic tunes. It was a funky vibe with a super productive and happy-go-lucky crew. Simply awesome!