Myth or Fact. Multigrain products are whole grain.

March 30th, 2012

March marked another successful Nutrition Month campaign. This year’s theme, “Get the real deal on your meal” called on Dietitians across Canada to bust common food and nutrition myths. Is sea salt less harmful than ordinary salt? Should lactose intolerant people avoid milk? Is “multigrain” bread necessarily made from whole grains? Does sugar cause hyperactivity? Are organic foods more nutritious? Just to name a few.

This week, during an interview with CTV Edmonton Morning Live, I chose to focus on whole grains. Myth or Fact. Multigrain products are whole grain. What are your thoughts? This is actually a myth! In truth, “multigrain” simply means there are several different grains, but it doesn’t mean they’re whole. To know, check the label for “whole grain” before each different grain listed.

For the full story check out my interview at CTV Edmonton Morning Live, and click on the video link “Multigrain vs. Whole Grain – What’s the Difference?“ Alternatively click here.

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